As we all know that the world is changing continuously day by day technology is changing. After two decades ago, it appeared that there was no effective alternative to the conventional fossil fuels such as gasoline and oil, but it turned out with very effective substitute: Elektrizität.

What is Electric car?

Electric cars are plugin electric automobile made up of using one and more electric motors. In this energy is stored in batteries.

Electric cars have battery packs that are very heavy weight. These battery packs are made up of lithium ion battery which we use in our daily life. It produces very heat so we use cooling system in it. Its energy density is very low. Charging an electric car can be at a variety of charging stations, we can installed these stations in houses and public areas.

"The Government has announced a major step to increase use of electric vehicle by offering subsidy of upto Rs. 2.5 lakh for 60,000 electric vehicles and for 20,000 hybrid cars. This subsidy will be valid on cars that are brought to India over the next three years to advertize green fuel in country. As of 2016-17, there were 2000 electric cars in India, while three million were conventionally fueled. “

Difference between fueled vehicles and electric cars:

  • Internal combustion engine is very heavy weight in fueled vehicles while electric car induction motor is very light in weight.
  • To start internal combustion engine we need starter motor while electric car doesn’t need stater motor.
  • We do not need gear box in electric car so we don’t need to use gear oil.
  • Electric car produces maximum torque immediately after the start. On the other hand, internal combustion engine it is difficult to produce so much torque after the start.
  • As the battery pack of electric vehicle is so high that’s why this battery pack is placed below in car which maintains stability.
  • This battery pack gives structural rigidity which gives safety in the side collision.

“ As the electric car is still expensive so according to the report by Bloombery New Energy Finance(BNEF), there are too many chances to reduce the cost of electric cars as soon as 2025”

Why we use electric car?

  • As the fuel is decreasing fuel is not available due to heavy demand in many places. In this situation of demand & supply , prices increases when the availability decreases because of this problem, the electric car has a lot of scope in the coming time. One year driving cost of gasoline car is about $2100 while electric car cost is only $475 per year. So, it is very cheap alternative for people who want to save money.
  • According to safety aspect electric cars are more preferable. A gas car is burned for every 20 million miles traveled however a electric car is burned for every 5 million miles traveled. We do not say that the electric car is completely safe. But this rate is lower than the rate of gas car. As well as this fire rate depands upon what model you are driving.
  • Electric car is very efficient in terms of converting energy, electric car uses 60% of power of electric energy. On the other hand 17%-21% of energy stored in gasoline converted to power.
  • Maintenance of electric car is also very easy.
  • The electric car is too much efficient in terms of environmental demonstration, because to use this form of energy more efficient means less resources taken from nature. Electric cars doesn’t emit the green house gases. That’s why , electric cars are more friendly not only for people but also for our environment. Therefore, “Future Cars" are electric cars .

Cons of using electric car:

  • The range of electric cars are very low i.e 60-100 miles.
  • Charging the electric car takes time.
  • Charging station availability is incompatible.

Despite some disadvantages, the electric car is the future of our country because of its huge amount of advantages. This field has too much demand in the coming time. So we can secure a good future by training in this field.


25. April 2019

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