Every year we introduce new roles to passionate undergrads in at least 3rd year or above, grads, and postgraduates enrolled in Indian Universities or colleges having passion for bigger impacts. Through this program, we give them a chance to showcase their potential to a much bigger and mature audience during Maker’s Campaign every year. Well, this benefit comes handy with our Campus Ambassador Program where you get an amazing chance to become a lifelong part of DIYguru, (A Certified Ambassador) where everything will be about growing the best skills of your’s. You will be working with the team on working on interesting tasks, receive training from our best Talents and receive the awards and benefits to take home.

Sounds interesting? There’s more.

Become the Star Organiser

  • Get hands on experience of organising the biggest Maker’s Campaign for 2 days at your college premises with our team.
  • Improve your skills with the training & organizing team.
  • Be the Brand Face of Maker’s Campaign at your college.
  • Learn all earning prospects after completion of your respective degrees.
  • Get a personal session with the College visiting experts at one-to-one and group interactions.
  • Be part of the digital presence of DIYguru on different social media channels
  • Adding value to the DIYguru product line
  • Enrolling students to the DIYguru courses using your personalized reference code.
  • To connect with other ambassadors, share resources and get to know about fellow makers around the globe. Running makers club in your campus

Mehr wollen?

Become our Digital Ambassador:

  • Get a chance to handle the online community of 30,000 enthusiasts from across the world
  • Get exclusive courses rights of discount at flat 30% off for your friends, batchmates and references.
  • Receive the Digital Ambassador Certification along with below mentioned benefits
  • Only 10 Seats available, so hurry up!

Become our Social Ambassador:

  • Get a chance to become our front line reporter and get featured at all of DIYguru and Maker campaign groups, pages as well as a short course of your own.
  • The conversions made through courses sales are actually shared with the social Ambassadors. As the selection is done by analysing the communications skills as well as knowledge, it’s time to put your marketing beast to the reality check. This is the first of its kind learn and earn opportunity for our ambassadors.
  • Receive the Digital Ambassador Certification along with below mentioned benefits
  • Only 5 Seats available, so hurry up!

Awards and Benefits

  • 20 Top performing Ambassadors will be awarded L.O.R (Letter of Recommendation)
  • 10 Ambassadors showcasing leadership skills will be awarded One month’s fully sponsored training for P.P.O.(Pre-placement offers) at DIYguru headquarters, New Delhi.
  • 5 Most Creative Campaigning Ambassadors will be awarded “DIYguru Electric vehicle” Course access worth 7000 INR along with the certificate for absolutely free.
  • All College Ambassadors to DIYguru Maker’s campaign will be awarded the Ambassador Certificate.
  • Get Certified as DIYguru member with your name on your Ambassador ID card.
  • Get your Name and photo on the DIYguru website. ( www.diyguru.org )

Fill up the Application Form below to Apply

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College/School namefull name of your college
College-Websiteurl of your college website
Tel. Nr.your valid phone no.
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Any current involvements (cultural/tech fests | Departmental clubs | research projects | startups, etc)
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Why do you want to become DIYguru Ambassador?focus on why you are best for this position
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What difference can becoming a Certified Ambassador bring for you or your growth?
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What's your goal after 2 years of completing your college education?
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Where did you got to know about DIYguru - Maker’s Campaign?
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The DIYguru Ambassador selection is a 4 step process-

step 1: Form submission

step 2: Telephonic session & a Video call/Skype session

step 3: Add up to our Whatsapp Ambassador group and sharing the steps

step 4: Pass the training and get recognized within our Maker’s community and at your college

as a Certified DIYguru Ambassador.

Through this 4 staged process, further details will be shared with applied enrollments only, as we keep this selection process specific to the highest potential candidates.

Once selected, your first task will be examining your domain of expertise and taking responsible actions for the DIYguru audience. Your responsibilities will include smoothening the learning curve and raising highlights as a concerned learner. You will be taught the most important keysets for performing like an asset to a team without a name, while sometimes you will become the Jack of all trades for your team and try your hands on sectors never touched before. Don’t worry, we will make sure you come out all great 🙂

Application is strictly for students at least in their drittes Jahr (3rd) of college-Undergrad or oben, to apply for the Ambassador program or your application would be rejected. For us what matters most is your passion to learn from the best experts and prepare yourself for the future!

Wir sind #1 DIY Learning Platform und bieten Online-Kurse für Hersteller im Bereich Automobile, Luft- und Raumfahrt, Drohnen und Robotik an. Wir möchten die Ausbildung der nächsten Generation fördern, indem wir auf Fertigkeiten basierende Schulungen und Mentoring anbieten.

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